Chinese for PIMPS!

I never took the time to learn any of the “cool” stuff in Chinese. Here’s a thread dedicated to slang and other Chinese Pimpery that you normally wouldn’t come across.

Try to keep the slang/language in this thread as PIMP! as possible. If you don’t what that is, just try and I’ll let you know how much (or little) it passes the PIMP! test.

What brought about this thread was on my way out of the door this morning I was watching CSI and saw this bit of dialogue.

Phone Rings
Some chick I’ve never seen: “Are you going to get that?”
Pimp ass black dude: looks at phone “Nah.”
Random chick: “Player.” - 花花公子 (hua1hua gong1zi)

You Chinese has just +9 PIMPED

I used to live in and still frequent WanHua, which I think is where all pimped Chinese comes from…

The first two are Taiwanese, but I think they’re good to know.

I hope my words are pimp enough…

biang4 – cool
ku4bie3le – damn that is sweet!

每眉 – mei3mei2 – hot girl
馬子 – ma3zi – hot girl
把馬子 – ba3ma3zi – try to pick up girls (at a club, etc.)

電燈炮 – dian4deng1pao4 – unwanted third person accompanying a couple
飛利浦 – fei1li4pu2 – same as above

唬爛 – hu3lan4 bullshit

很騷的女生 – hen3sao1de nv3sheng1 – girl that goes out scantily-clad
燒餅 – shao1bing3 – same as above
油條 – you2tiao2 – same as above