Chinese for Toddlers

OK, I speak some Chinese, my nanny is Chinese, but I would like to try to find some materials with hanyu pinyin so that I can use flash cards/books with my toddler. My nanny is now starting to speak to my son in Chinese, and English, and I want to sort of follow up.

The books I find here are bo-po-mo-fo and traditional characters, which work great for my Nanny, but when I want to follow up… I am hopelessly lost! Besides, I would love to learn the Chinese word for a Rhombus! A great way to increase my vocab

Seriously, does anyone know of any children’s books/study materials here in Taiwan that have pinyin? I know I can get some in China, or in the States… but I am here, you know!



I think the materials you are looking for will be extremely hard to find in Taiwain. You can either get some from China (with simplified characters), or just use the ones in Taiwan.

It isn’t very hard to learn Zhuyin (or bpmf), and with two minutes of searching, you can even find tables online that compare Hanyu pinyin to Zhuyin. Just keep this table beside you when you read, and you’ll have no problem.

The site’s not ready yet, but some pages are up:

Thanks, I figured they would be hard to find here in Taiwan…

I will be in HK in 3 weeks and may look there, in the meantime, Cranky I will use your site!!! :wink: