Chinese Format in Office 2K English & Toolbar help

Our computer runs both Win98C with Office 2K Chinese and Windows 2K and Office 2K English.

I’m pretty happy with the way Office 2K English handles Chinese but there are two features of Chinese Office I can’t seem to port over.

1> The punctuation toolbar for Word: It allows the Chinese user to click on the correct punctuation from the tool bar without switching keyboards.

This is a must have for my wife. You can make custom toolbars but I can’t figure this one out.

2> Excel Taiwan date formats: I managed some chinese date formats, but I can’t seem to get the Taiwan year and others. I’m not really familliar with Excel’s Date Codes

Right now, I have to reboot each time we need a special Chinese feature.

Please click on the link to see the features I’m trying to port over. Sorry for the low res but the server is a little slow.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your hint, spinak, I was trying to figure out how to get the Chinese punctuation bar :slight_smile:

Sorry, don’t know much about English Office, so I can’t help you :?

Thanks anyway

You must download something callled sympack.exe from microsoft and have it installed to get the punctuation bar.
It’s also available in the Chinese Office install disk.



Thanks for the help. I’ll work on it this weekend. Now, if I can only figure out how those pesky Excel date codes work.

For instance, by looking at the codes, I can’t tell when an English date on the calendar will apear or the Chinese text.

I have seem to have Win 2k set to give me the Chinese format (when I go to the settings on the write hand corner). And I seem to have lost my ability to automatically generate English dates in Excel.

I can change that manually but, in Chinese Excel, I can make it display both English and Chinese dates just by selecting the date format I want.

Do you have any insight?

Thanks again.

If you are on Chinese Win2K.
Try go to Control Panel -> Regional Setting -> Date Tab
On Calendar Type: Choose amongst: Taiwan, Western(english), and Western(Chinese)

I personally use Western(Chinese)



Thanks for giving me some more insight. But I’m using English Windows 2k

Location- Taiwan The date tab only gives me a choice between western chinese and western English Calendars.

Can I import the Taiwan Chinese calendar?

Thanks again…

No, you can’t.
But you can modify the date format
short date
yyyy/M/d resulting in 2002/12/27

long date
ddd yyyy’

Thanks for your help. I downloaded that tool bar application and installed it. I seem to only have a bunch a strange characters in the tool bar.

None of the regular characters that appear in my Chinese Word.

Again, my system is English Windows 2k and Office 2k English.

I accept the fact that I can’t have all the cool Chinese date features on my English system.

But there must be a way to add or subtract date values in Excel to get me the Taiwan year.

Thanks in advance.


Taiwan student,

I have never tried it before. But if that is your result, that would mean you cannot do that on Office2k english.
Another question: Do you have Regional Settings - Language system for Chinese Traditional checked?

If your system already have Traditional Chinese and your Office-Word2k still can not show the Chinese Punctuation Toolbar that you need, my final advise is that you install a Chinese Office-Word2k instead.

On my system Win2kcht, I have Office2kchk, word97cht, and word95cht.

I do not need OfficeEng of any version since all that can be done on English version can be done on Chinese version, except that in Office2k, you got built-in Spellchecker for French and Spanish.
Well that;s cool to have, but I don’t write much French nor Spanish that require me to have them installed.

I’d have separate OS if I were you. Each OS for each language.


Thanks for the reply. I have both operating systems, but wanted to consolidate it to one. My regional settings are set to Chinese and Word English does a nice job handling Chinese except for a few things.

The reason I wanted to stick to English is because don’t read Chinese well enough to navigate the menus and advanced features.

I’ll stick to using the English Windows while my wife can use the Chinese OS.

Thanks for you help.


I think you can switch directly to win2kcht and abandon english once and for all…after all you’re learning chinese…that’s what I did in the past…I must say I cannot fathom the advanced features in chinese either…but each time I stumbled…I learn a new thing…you can have dr.eye installed, and it will give you translation to help you figure out what the advanced features are.