Chinese Ghost Culture

Anybody have some good leads on where to amass some good quality info on Ghosts in Chinese Culture. I find that on the internet I keep getting the same regurgitated paragraph over and over again. Of course, my problem is finding in-depth stuff in English. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could point me to some good material or a place that might have some. Thanks

You can contact a dao shi, set up an appointment (it’ll probably cost you) and interview him/her on ghosts. If anyone knows about Chinese ghosts, it’ll be the dao shi, or the super dao shi they call da fa shi.

In Hsinchu, you can get in contact with dao shi through Cheng Huang Miao in downtown. I have no idea which temples in Taipei would provide that information since most are cared for by neighborhood lay people. Long Shan Si might be able to put you in touch with one or two.


There are a lot of classical ghost folktales translated into English. Look up Liaozhai Zhiyi by Pu Songling. There are discussions of fox fairies, demons, the various punishments for souls in hell, etc.

Ghost movies from Hong Kong often come with English subtitles.

And there are web pages like