Chinese global leadership pretensions

An accurate reflection of China’s place in the grand scheme of things. I wonder how widespread such a clear-eyed assessment is within the CCP.

[quote=“Thomas Barnett”][quote=“NBC: China grapples with new world role”]China ‘not ready to lead’

But one critic of the book, Hu Xingdou, an economics professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology, called its publication a sign of the “ideological chaos” in China.

“Extreme nationalism is not the answer, and China is not ready to lead,” declared Hu, while acknowledging the authors’ right to express their opinion.

“As for Chimerica, China cannot possibly exercise leadership shoulder to shoulder with the United States simply because China is not qualified,” he said, arguing that China’s “soft power” is far from adequate.
“China’s value systems - its ideological, political and cultural systems - are not yet part of the global mainstream,” he explained.

Hu dismissed China’s prosperity as deceptive. “Essentially, we remain as the peasant laborer of the world, relying on cheap labor and cheap products.”[/b]

He likened the current situation to the 1930’s Great Depression when Stalin’s Soviet Union seemed to have the upper hand over the ailing Western economies. “I hope China will learn the lesson and not take the road taken by Stalin,” he said.

“Only by undertaking political reform and democracy can China qualify to lead the world, and also avert domestic crisis and insure long-term prosperity,” he said.[/quote][/quote]

Not much. A coworker was commenting that “nobody should complain on China’s increasing military might, as China aspires to an increasing role internationally. You see, aside from our own citizens, we have all the Chinese abroad, in every country, every where, everyone who has a Chinese ancestor must be protected under the great arm of China…” :astonished:

One sign that they are maturing would be if that Professor Hu Xingdou keeps his job, or even his head.