Chinese Ice Hockey League 2nd Season

Courtosty of the Commissioner


I am waiting for the Taipei Arena to confirm availability of the rink
on the schedule we submitted before we can go ahead with launching the
new season. In paticular this affects the cost. However we are running
out of time as I want to get things started next week. So, here is an
overview for you all and I hope we can get things going next weekend in
Shitze from 07:15pm.

November 6th and 13th will be evauluations for all players November 6th
is for players returning from previous seasons. Another chance to get
warmed up and let the team leaders see you in action before the draft
and the season starting on November 20th.

November 13th is for all NEW players - those who did not participate in
the last two seasons - cost $1,000 Registration Fee. Once you have been
confirmed to play in the League the balance of your Game Fees will be
due on the first day of the season (amount to be confirmed early next
week. Currently there are 25 foreigners on this list! We expect a
number of Chinese too.

NOTE: If for any reason you can not make the weekend that is outlined
for you you may come on the other weekend - its included in your game
fees - but please email me so I can keep on top of the numbers.

6 Teams
Team Leaders responsible to draft and manage their teams
Mark Paas, Steve Clark, John Long, Mal Turner
New Team Leaders Clay Laughren and Rob Dombowsky

Two new teams - Sharks - GREY and Lions - Yellow

Two Teams will come from the South.
A Taichung Team Led by Rob Dombowsky
Chaiyi Team led by Mark Paas
Other teams and their leaders will be selected on draft day
Draft day is set for 13th November
First regular season games set for 20th November
Games will average once every two weeks.
However the schedule is affected by Taipei Cup (15th-18th November),
Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Asiasports Ice Hockey 5’ws so be
careful to look over the final schedule when it is released.

We will run a 12 game regular season and play offs running over two
weekends which will involve all players.

Season starts 20th November and season finish May 2006.

Costs will be approximately $380 per game - looks like about $6,500
total - will confirm once Taipei Arena confirms costs and availability…

Transportation will be subsidised for players from Taichung or further

Officiating will be headed up by Jeremy Campbell and on ice Refereeing
will be managed by Leo Feng. As always we welcome experienced
players/officials to support us with officating.
Each team will again be required to supply two officals for one game
each evening.
Regular Season tied games will be settled by a 3 player shoot out.

Season will start in Shitze - we expect to have 3 regular season games
there and then transfer to Taipei Arena

We are currently speaking with several sponsors, they will help defray
the costs for ice rental and other expnses for the league. Some of them
are pubs/retraunts all of whom are offering special deals for our
league members.

We will have a member/player ID card

We are printing 2,000 copies of a CIHL Program that will promote the
league and our sponsors.

For now, thats it. I look forward to working with everyone in building
a bigger and better league in the new season. Please feel free to email
me personally (hit reply on this message and then clik on the T0:
button select my personal email I also would
appreciate support from everyone in here in recruiting new players. We
are tight on numbers for the 6 team league. Additionally I especially
need to hear from you if you initially experessed interest in playing
this season but for some reason now can not).

Yours sincerely,

Geoff Le Cren[/quote]