Chinese Invasion Thread (2020 edition)

Ridiculous, this is their focus when their people are suffering from the virus.

well, as a few politicos have said, “never let a good crisis go to waste”

Something that Taiwan’s DPP never takes action upon in terms of fornally declaring the Republic of Taiwan (see other thread on good time to declare it).

Eh remember what I had said about China attacking if it felt US was weak…

So April is quakes and volcanoes…Or war.


Nah, that’s dangling an expensive toy over submarine territory. I’d be more fearful if they stopped telling us they have a gun in their pocket.


The PRC doesnt need to risk lives or equipment to get Taiwan. A Naval Blockade of a few Ports would soon have Taiwan on its Economic Knees at the bargaining table. The risk of course is what the rest of the world might have to say about it.


Naval blockade? How would that be arranged?

A few ships at the Maritime Limit - “discouraging” Container Ships etc from passing.

Interesting. I didn’t know the PLA navy was such an aggressor maritime force. I thought their usual M.O. was scaring fishing boats and Somali pirates. That’s some real escalation.

No, @Icon, no!
Don’t you dare start making predictions!

Damn… Too late!
Where the closest bunker?!

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Icon has spoke. War it is.


Or quakes/volcanoes.

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Which volcano? :thinking:

Datun’s due any day now…

In geological time, that’s like plus or minus a few thousand years.

Didn’t you hear, Krakatoa was erupting again?

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I call bullshit. If your options are lose sovereignty and lose sovereignty and cost the aggressors a shit tonne, then why just give them Taiwan? It’s not a bargain if there both options offer only loss and no gain.

Either lose something or lose everything with a chance to regain it all back and cost them dearly.

They want Taiwan? They will have to pay for it.

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Surveillance has advanced a lot since D-Day. If China was readying an invasion force to cross a distance three times the English Channel, you’d think somebody would notice.