Chinese jet incursion (31 March 2019 edition)

Gee, talk about huirt feelings. Normally, China would just poach an ally as tit for tat when President Tsai goes abroad. Seems they could not do it this time or had something else in mind.

Two Chinese fighter jets crossed the median line of the #Taiwan Strait on March 31. We strongly condemn such behavior & call on #China to stop acting in ways that threaten regional security & stability.

Taipei, March 31 (CNA) Taiwan’s Air Force scrambled several fighter jets Sunday when two military aircraft from China crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND).

The Taiwan Air Force jets intercepted two J-11 fighter planes from the People’s Liberation Army of China when they crossed the median line, MND spokesman Chen Chung-chi (陳中吉) said.

The Chinese fighter planes entered Taiwan’s southwestern airspace at 11 a.m. and retreated to the west side of the median line after they were issued a radio warning, according to a statement issued by the MND.

According to local media, the incident triggered a 10-minute standoff between Taiwan and China warplanes.

And may be a push for this:

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Hopefully this decision of Beijing’s backfires and Taiwan goes back to the US with this incident to get F35s.

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What exactly is the “median line”? It sounds like something that was defined by Taiwan and the US. China says it has never recognized it. Is there any agreement or treaty on it?
Here is more info on the “median line”
“A unique, informal feature of the Taiwan Strait helps keep the peace between ROC and PRC air and naval forces and prevent misunderstanding by encouraging them to remain on ‘their’ side of the strait. Referred to variously as the Taiwan Strait ‘middle line’, ‘centerline’, or ‘Davis Line’, the 1950s origins – and exact boundary – of this division are murky, but most sources point to its first appearance in 1955 as an incidental by-product of designated American patrol areas. Since the 1958 Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, both sides have in practice mostly followed what remains a tacit understanding between China and Taiwan to prevent their warships and military aircraft from crossing to the other’s side of a line roughly bisecting the strait. Following remarks by then-Defense Minister Lee Jye in 2004 threatening to shoot down Chinese aircraft crossing the middle line, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry released co-ordinates for their conception of the line.”

Hmm just had 4 fighter jets fly over my home this morning. Not sure if it was a routine run or because of escalating tensions.

Aiyo. Silly little boys having a dick-measuring contest.

As long as they’re not actively causing trouble, no big deal.

It’s interesting that both the Democrat-held House and the Republican-held Senate have proposed Taiwan Assurance Act to enhance the existing Taiwan Relations Act. Since the Chinese capitals have dominated the media and swayed voters, the US seems to be a little more vocal on the issue.

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TBH, I am more worried about US helping with the push of Central American countries to break up with Taiwan. You see, without US aid, the elites there have to turn to China to sustain their lavish lifestyles, ie. Chinese money will take the space previously devoted to US money.

Moreover, with UN anti corruption special comittee finding too many rotten stuff under the rug, Guatemala needs a powerful friend to tell them to “wonder” off. hence, China will be a great ally. Honduras it depends what the Chinese can offer the military. El Salvador was already in the pocket.

So China has a stronghold in Central America, possibly naval bases in the future, while Russia lands subs in the South. Awesome.

That’s a feature not a bug. Will be much more palatable if the US takes Central America from the Chi-coms than from Central Americans.


Lovely allies them got. The Harvard educated, Rand spewing, Evangelical clutching, feudal lords of Central America will just leave the chemical laced lands to grow bananas and coffee by robots. One power is the same as the next, no biggie.

But my worry is Taiwan, not Central America. There was hope here.

At this point it’s a race to see if China’s internal issues boil over before the US’s internal issues boil over.

I think China has one card that the Soviets didn’t have in navigating international politics, it can now export its surveillance technology to foreign dictatorial regimes.

I imagine in the future China can balance the money it spends on buying foreign support by charging foreign dictators for using it’s civilian surveillance technology, and by taking rights to valuable resources.

For foreign dictators it will be like paying a monthly Netflix fee, only instead of movies, they get to watch their citizens’ every move.

The future is a gloomy one, I’m afraid.


Time to look at military defense stocks Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing . Demand for military war plane and missiles are on the rise as tension in the pacific rise.

This is why we need to act now. Right when taiwan has a chance the election for president will go to china (kmt) and once again taiwan will miss a great opportunity towards freedom. Watch it all spiral into retardedness in slowmotion.

As bad as DPP are, we need them this round while the states finally sticks it to china (hopefully).

From a political perspective China is being stupid IMO. Provoking Taiwan right before elections will hand the DPP another win.

If they were smart they would tone down the rhetoric prior to the elections.

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True, should have sent a bunch of rich tourists here, lie about how much freedom Taiwan will have in the 1 country 2 system plan like HK! Plus it gives reason for US to get involved more.

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Agreed. They are emotional and reactionary to the extreme. Is that part of the Sun Tzu Art of War approach?

“The peak efficiency of knowledge and strategy is to make conflict unnecessary.”

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

Hmmmm…I’d say China is currently trying a different approach:“If the whole world thinks you’re an asshole, you win”

Judging by how so many people are loving the kmt and tuning out world events on a individual level i wpuld not be sp quick in thinking the vote will got to dpp that easily.

I strongly dislike them but we really need to avoid a mr. Korea type guy taking office this round

Just to show the dreams and hopes of the PLA

Roll tanks down Taipei like they did in Hong Kong.

They need this message …but getting less likely that Taiwan will ruffle any feathers :pensive: