Chinese keyboard - Macbook

So… I bought my Macbook in Taipei about a year and a half ago. The casing where the mousepad is has cracked and Apple Care has agreed to replace it for me even though my computer is no longer under warranty or any kind of extended warranty. They (the Apple Gods) shipped a new case to my local Apple Reseller here in Canada, but the keyboard is in English. :raspberry:

When I had first gone in, the service dood said that it was possible to keep the keys, but apparently no,t as it’s one unit and the actual keys don’t pop off. I’m not ready to part with my Chinese keyboard… I didn’t study Mandarin for 6 freakin’ years to now not be able to type it here in Canada.
They are going to look into getting my a chinese keyboard but it doesn’t look likely.

If I’m stuck… is there anything I can buy/order online/ that fits over top of the keys that has the same Zhuyin layout??
Any suggestions?

I don’t wanna do pingyin…

The authorised Apple dealers in Taiwan sell a rubber-like MacBook keyboard cover which has the Zhuyin printed on it. I have one for my MB. Dunno if you can buy it online though.

Why do you need Zhuyin anyway? All the cool people are typing in Pinyin… :wink:

I’ll see if I can find one of those things… and start learning pingyin :unamused:

I’ll see if I can find one of those things… and start learning pingyin :unamused:[/quote]

Even the overseas students from Taiwan I used to teach-- oddly enough, where you are now-- all had adapted to Hanyu pinyin and prefered using it on computers. You don’t need special keyboards and different key mapping. And, as was mentioned, it’s the cool thing to do. :sunglasses: