Chinese language GPS software on English OS smartphone

Would it work to install a Chinese language GPS software (such as PaPaGo) on an English OS smartphone (WM5 or WM6).

On my current WM5 smartphone I cannot receive SMS in Chinese. The chinese characters appear as little boxes or questionmarks. This makes me kind of worried that the GPS software would not work as well.

Bottom line, am I wasting my money if I am going for smartphone with GPS function?

Should work if you install the Chinese character set, you could try ce-star (, it is an IME for WM5/6.

Costs USD25 to register (allowing you to use the Chinese input methods), but if you don’t register the Chinese language support still works.

Would also suggest testing with the trial version of whichever GPS you plan to use just to be sure there are no issues. I tried MapKing v5, as this also supports English UI, with place names in Chinese.