Chinese language magazine


in several other languages there are magazines especially designed for students of that language which have easy texts (but on different levels of difficulty) and give some help for that language (e.g. vocabulary lists, grammar exercises, audio recordings etc). Because they are published on a regulare basis, it’s quite comfortabel to read these.

Is there anything like that for Chinese? Preferably in traditional, but if there is none, I would also be content with a simplified version. Just something easy which I can read in the bathroom and improve my Chinese in that time :slight_smile: It would be necessary to be able to buy it from outside Taiwan or China, though.

I’ve always wanted to do one of there.

I think LiveABC is putting one out in Taiwan, or was. I wasn’t overly impressed but then I am curmudgeonly with regard to reading materials.

I liked the manga-centered one for Japanese that went under in the mid-90s. It had something for everyone regardless of level and was very fun.

For Japanese, I know this “Hiragana Times”. I think it is quite crappy, though. I think it is more for Japanese English learners than the other way round. Half of the magazine only has the English translations of the texts, and they don’t offer vocabulary lists to learn. Also, the overall difficulty level is really quite low. And I don’t even want to start about the choice of texts…
I somehow think that this would be the same for a Chinese magazine published in TW or China.

In Germany there is a publisher which offers magazines for English, French, Spain and Italian. Although the magazines are rather for “Women and teachers” (quote from one letter to the editor :smiley:), they are still quite nice to read.

Is this LiveABC for English or for Chinese? A magazine aimed at learning English is not really good…

The one I saw in Taiwan a year or two ago was supposedly aimed at learners of Chinese. It wasn’t as bad as the average Taiwanese-type learning material, but I thought there was a long ways it could have gone compared to most of the materials available as supplemental readers or magazines for Spanish, French, etc.