Chinese Language Pack

Hey - SDo I formatted the PC … reinstalled Windows 2000 and Office XP - now I need a Chinese Language pack to be able to read chinese sites and recieve mail in chinese …

Where can I download a Chinese language pack ? Would it have to be simplified chinese or which one is ideal ?

BTW : I don’t/can’t read chinese but other that use this PC do …

Originally posted by NrG: Where can I download a Chinese language pack ? Would it have to be simplified chinese or which one is ideal ?

If you are using an OS from Microsoft, it would seem logical to get the IMEs from a Microsoft website like - or just activate the update function…

The easiest way is to go to a website that’s in Chinese. Windoze will ask if you want to download Chinese language components.

FYI Chinese input software for XP is at


If you need to input Chinese Character with Windows XP (or Windows 2000), you don’t need to download any additional components.

All you need is the XP CD and you can install the Tradional Chinese components from the “Regional and Language Options” under Control Panel. Look for “Text services and Input Languages”. Once you install the IME etc, you can select your favourite input method: whether Hanyi Pinyin, Zhu Yin or whatever from the IME keyboard properties.

My Toshiba Satellite 5005-S504 did not come with the CD. I found and ticked all the necessary boxes and it didn’t ask for a CD, but I don’t see input method info on the control bar.
Also, I’ve already installed the stuff that I mentioned in the link I mentioned above. Have I created a problem there?
What’s up?

On my PC, the option to change to PinYin input can be found the following way:

From “Regional and Language Options”, select the “Languages” tab. Select “Details…” from “Text services and input languages”.

I have to assume here that you install the “Chinese (Taiwan)” option with default keyboard settings. The default keyboard is some chinese charaters ending with 2002a.

From the “Installed services” look for Chinese (Taiwan) and the default keyboard. Under “Properties” for the default keyboard, there’s a “keyboard mapping” tab and you can select “HanYu Pinyin” as your favoured input method. There’s 7 to choose from.

You may need to select the correct keyboard by “Left Alt + shift” to cycle through the keyboards if you have several on your system. I have Japanese and English keyboard on my system and I have to choose the correct one to input in my desired language.

If you are still having difficulties, I can send you screen capture of how it looks like on my system.

Hope it helps.

THANK YOU… I WAS LOOKING UNDER TAIWAN… for pinyin you have to go to PRC… that is silly!