Chinese language schools

Help! I intended to study Mandarin at CLD on Wu-Chang street, but I’m finding that my work schedule is incompatible with the current beginner classes offered there. I need to enroll in a school before the end of January in order to extend my visitor’s visa from the U.S. I have heard the CLI is a sham school, but am tempted to enroll, if only temporarily. I noticed a branch of CLI a block away from the kindergarten where I’ll be working. I want to study Chinese, but I need to work a little to pay for school. Does anyone know if a person can actually learn Chinese at CLI? Is anyone aware of visa renewal hassles for CLI students? I would appreciate any recommendations of schools near the Changshiao Tunhua area (or at least in Taipei City). I know of TLI and NTU, but would prefer a school that does not require quarterly enrollment. It would be ideal if I could learn Chinese AND extend my visa safely. Please help!

See if you cn sort out your schedule problems with CLD, they’re not a bad school sometimes. Otherwise try Pioneer. It’s in the Shita area. i think they advertise sometimes in the papers.