Chinese learning apps on sale

A good deal news for every Chinese learner~~
To celebrate the Moon Festival, all the issues from Chinese magazine (both Elementary and Intermediate level) cost only $4.99 from 9/19~9/22 on the AppStore! (original price was $9.99 ) The Apps are free, go check it out and read more interesting stories. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chinese Stories - Elementary … ?l=en&mt=8

Chinese Stories - Intermediate … ?l=en&mt=8

Just to clarify – as is the case with most apps with content – the app itself is free, and comes with limited free content. Other stories are an in-app purchase, at $9.99 each, at least in the beginning level app I’m trialing.

The stories seem quite interesting, though, and though there are more new/unknown words than I might like for beginners, they should be readable. The English is a bit awkward (probably written by non-native speakers) and doesn’t always match the Chinese as well as might be desired for teaching purposes, but it’s pretty good. The quiz questions I’ve seen thus far are a little grammatically-oriented (dealing with fill-in-the-blanks on grammatical particles and what’s-another-way-to-say-this, which might be a little discouraging for a real beginner) and there’s a 5 minute timer for 5 questions – maybe useful for preparing to take a timed exam of this kind. There’s Pinyin available (unfortunately right underneath each paragraph when you call for it, same deal with English support) and a vocabulary list. The vocabulary list and pop-up definitions are unfortunately taken straight from a dictionary link, with no consideration given to exactly how a word should be translated in that context, but its’ easier than looking it up in a dictionary which would tell you the same thing after all anyway.

I’d forecast better sales at a price point nearer $4.99 for a “back issue”. $9.99 seems a bit much. Just my opinion.

Well I’ve been studying using the free samples available, and they’re quite. Though as ironlady says, $9.99 is a bit much for 1 (especially as it’s actually $11USD on the UK app store).

I should also point out that all the stories have audio, so can also be used for listening practice. However, for the first two pages of book 1 (Chinese Valentines day part 1 & 2) the audio is broken. First page cuts off the end, second page missing out one paragraph (and repeats a sentence instead). I’m quite bemused that no one actually checked it before putting them up for sale.