Chinese learning podcasts

Just came across this link at the site.


It would be great if someone can make a podcast of all the AV book (1-2) chapters. (like the excellent .pdf Truant made).

I think that would probably be in violation of someone’s copyright or other, unless the podcast was other content related to the chapter, not the chapter materials themselves. (I realize that mentioning copyright and Taiwan in the same breath is somewhat ironic, but… :smiley: )

Hess has a podcast for learning Chinese, you can find it on iTunes. It kinda sucks since the Chinese speaker talks super fast, so it’s hard to follow sometimes.

Thanks for chinesepodcast it useful for a quick listen. I hope they stay free and use the podcast to entice others to pay for the premium service. I’ll stick with the free

:slight_smile:Hey guys,

I’ve just start my own Podcast about living in Taipei and introduce some bits of Chinese/Taiwanese culture and customs. But so far I’m desperate in need of hearing your opinions and feedback so have a look and tell me what you think, thanks. Suggestions and requests are always welcome!:help:

or listen online here … i/view.htm

or here

and YES, I will teach some CHINESE PHRASES!!!:notworthy:(I speak Mandarin, ok?) If you need help, just send me a message!!

Note: I don’t have a .Mac account yet ‘:(’ so you can’t find me on iTune store. (And iTunes is definitely NOT the only source you can find podcasts!:noway: )Other than that, there are other services where you can browse to find a specific Podcast that interests you, such as:

Yahoo Podcast (I’m not listed yet even though I’ve subbittedit many times!!)
Podcast Alley
Odeo :wink:
Podcast Pickle’:D’

Happy listening!! :rainbow:

JT :slight_smile:

Another good podcast link maybe worth checking out: Mandarin Chinese with Serge Melnyk - Free and Easy Mandarin Chinese Lessons for a Serious Learner.
There are 21 lessons, a new one gets added every month. Right click on the small orange icon and select “save target as” to save each one.

Unrelated, but an interesting article: Teaching Political Theory in Beijing