Chinese-made condoms too small, says Zimbabwe

Can’t believe they’re making something so small for such a big issue. HIV is serious.


One picture is worth a thousand words…

Happening across this photo at midnight… nightmare material


See? That does look uncomfortable.

Before hiking into the caves.

What ‘footing’ is a thing? I always thought ‘fisting’ was kind of … :astonished:

In Japan, it is a major fetish…:laughing:

You 想太多了.But now we know you think fisting is a thing :grin:

Do they not have Magnums in Zimbabwe… they would make a killing over there.

Hey let them have their digs. The chinese insults to africans have been building up for a while now. Let them get some revenge

Zimbabwe needs to be careful not to bite the hand that feeds them. Comments like this could cause disharmony among the easily offended.

Is it an urban myth that during WWII Churchill had large condoms labelled as small that Britain sent to Russia?

Foreign investment in Zimbabwe is 75% Chinese. Revenge is best served cold and in silence.