Chinese " MANDARIN " tutor in Taichung

Hello , this is Roberto
I’m looking for a Taiwanese tutor (master’s degree) in Mandarin language in Taichung.
Please feel free to contact me to or 04-22432228

You can try contacting the Taipei Language institute, they have programs all over Taiwan and online classes as well as other languages (like Taiwanese). Contact their email:
There are also a couple actual language schools in Taichung that slip my mind, I’m sure you can google ‘Taichung language school/classes’ and find some.

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Personally i was a student of TLI , now ,
i’m the Int’l affairs manager of a private University , we need to open a class for our bachelor degree student as distace learning program, part of the tuition is Chinese language and i am looking for a Mandarin Teacher holding a Master degree in Chinese Language.

surely you mean citron teacher? I am holding a masters in lemons and limes :lying_face:

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it’s ok for you??

Masters??? or Master of lemons and limes …please update your English!! thanks!!


He was making a joke about ‘mandarin’ also being the word for a type of fruit.
To your question it sounds like you have some more specific requirements for a teacher. I don’t think anyone on here is going to know a specific teacher that would fit exactly what you need. I’d look into some of the language schools in Taichung, call them, and ask if they have anyone with a Master’s in Chinese language teaching.
Best of luck!

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