Chinese medicine?

Or WHAT? :shock: Owwwww! … ation.html

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) – A man who castrated another man on his kitchen table was convicted of practicing medicine without a license.

Shuo-Shan Wang, 29, was found guilty by a jury Friday for performing the voluntary castration. Police arrested him in June after they found a 48-year-old man hemorrhaging outside of Wang’s home in the Detroit suburb of Oak Park.

Meet Shuo-Shan Wang. The Michigan man was charged Friday (8/23) with illegally castrating a 48-year-old guy he met through the Internet (the “operation” took place on Mr. Wang’s kitchen table). The castration for which Wang was charged occurred in June, and cops say that after the procedure was completed, Wang and his patient sat down and ate some strawberry pie. Wang, 29, reportedly told Oak Park cops that he has performed castrations on 50 other men. While police have not been able to verify that claim, officers did find a container in Wang’s refrigerator that held a pair of testicles that did not belong to the 48-year-old man.

It’s less painful than taking that green smelly stuff they call medicine.