Chinese movies with Chinese subtitles

Either that or an English movies with Chinese parts that have Chinese subtiles pasted over the original subtitles. I can’t stand it.

It is useful for speakers of other Chinese dialects and for deaf people - e.g. I speak Mandarin but I need the subtitles when the dialogue is in Hokkien or Cantonese. My girlfriend often watches TV with the sound turned down or off, while talking on the phone etc.

Have you had the experience of going to see an Iranian, Korean or Japanese film and suddenly realising that the subtitles are going to be in Chinese? Sometimes it’s a movie in a language that I do understand a bit - then it’s a toss-up between struggling to understand the dialogue or struggling to keep up with the Chinese subtitles.

It is a long time since I started learning Chinese, but I still only get about two thirds of the way through the subtitle before it flips to the next one :fume:

That’s okay, Juba – we’re the only ones who are immune to the subliminal messages on the screen, because we can’t finish reading them in time. :smiley:

That’s right – why do you think they eat all those chicken’s feet at the movies? It sure 'aint the taste! And if your Chinese reading ability is REALLY good, you’ll even begin to notice the messages that appear BETWEEN the subtitles – stuff like “CRINKLE YOUR CELLOPHANE BAGS NOW!” “CHANGE THE RINGTONE ON YOUR PHONE!”