Chinese New Year 2020 highway driving restrictions?

Does anyone know if CNY highway driving restrictions (e.g each car must contain 3 people on certain days) have been announced yet?

Also what is the official website where these restrictions are announced? Chinese or English is fine.

Thanks in advance!

Will be somewhere on here, if it helps

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Saw signs advertising the restrictions in Hsinchu…think northbound restrictions on 27th & 28th.

I saw sign today but my glasses are dirty. Wait, I don’t wear glasses.

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Yes it does, thanks. Looks like the restrictions haven’t been officially announced yet, although signs are going on the highways.

Seems to say 27th and 28th.

I guess driving will be restricted on those 2 days only. Thanks all.

Pretty sure its not just those two days…the dates depend on the direction. Northbound might be those two days, I believe southbound is at the beginning of the holiday. I think the signs change dependent on the direction of the on ramp to the hwy.

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So based on the travel restrictions, they’re anticipating the traffic on Thursday and Friday won’t be too bad? Anyone hazard a guess there? Thinking of making a long day trip from Taipei to Hualien on Thursday (darn family stuff on Friday!!).