Chinese New year Activities

Has anyone got any good ideas that have been tested on the kids?

I’ve got one bad idea that has been tested and failed: trying to get them to write a piece describing things they or their families have to do to prepare for CNY. They claim that absolutely nothing must be done except buy food and eat, and that they just buy the fireworks and don’t know anything about their meaning. Yech. Bunch of lazy ^%&% kids. Of course, they are in Junior High School, so the system has sucked most of the life out of them by now.

Compare $ amounts received in red envelopes.

Compare $ amounts received in red envelopes.[/quote]

HAAHAA !! good one. Will do that in the math period.

Actually I was interested in kindergarten type stuff.

They are celebrating the year of the pig…do some sort of craft project with pigs…coloring, paper projects, etc.

Sadly, in Taiwan, most of the chinese ney year traditions are dying out. It is more about vacation time for theparents and no school for the kids. The one break out of the entire year that they can realx. So not so much about big celebrations, fireworks, dancing dragons, etc. Pitty.

Get them to talk about the different foods that they eat, eg hot pot - what it’s made of etc. Maybe find/take a few photo’s of the stands in the markets selling CNY food and have the students identify everything (they made need a good Chi-Eng dictionary).

And if your students are anything like mine, they hardly need a reason to talk about pigs.