Chinese New Year in HK

My boss (British) and some of my colleagues (Greek and German) will be in HK over Chinese New Year (starting 27th January) before I will join them a bit later (31st) until 3rd February.

Is there anything apart from the standard HK sightseeing/nightlife/food that we they/we should not miss over Chinese New Year in HK? Temples, fireworks, whatever…

I would also appreciate suggestions about the “standard HK sightseeing/nightlife/food” since I haven’t been to HK for years myself.

Disneyland! Might not be your cup of tea, but it’s new, it’s there…

You could always pop over to Lantau and drink all HGC’s beer.

That’s always a possibility.

I’m sure there was another thread somewhere on what to do in HK. Ah! Here 'tis: What MUST I see or do in Hong Kong?. Nothing specific about the CNY though, but I don’t really think there is much special about it. Usually crap weather and quiet streets and bars but the sounds of a million mah jhong tiles cracking tables.

Personally I’d head across the border to Shenzhen or deeper into China or hit Macau. Seriously, both are much cheaper and far more interesting. In fact, that’s quite likley what I will do.


HK is dead during CNY. DON"T GO TO DISNEYLAND. You will get the following:

“Let me explain…This is how it works. I take your money, and you walk around a park about as big as Grant Park. Sucks to be you.”

Ocean Park
Times Square
The Peak (you can take photos and have dinner there also)
Some outlying islands
Repulse Bay
Discovery Bay…etc.