Chinese New Year in Taipei. Programs?

Hi Guys,

First time for me to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Taipei.
I am excited, but I can’t find many infomration or programs for celebrations to come. Is there any hot spot where the most cerimonies will take place? Or concerts/festivals around? Perhaps some parties organized by private organizations?
You Taipei-based users may have more hints about, hope to get some good suggestions.

CNY is mostly a family celebration so don’t expect much in the way of organized, public events. As recently as a few years ago, Taipei would basically become a ghost town during the holiday. A lot more places are open now so you can expect packed shopping malls and department stores. Longshan Temple is always quite busy with worshippers. If the weather is good, expect places like the zoo, Maokong, Danshui etc to also be packed with families.

Here’s a site that lists some CNY activities by county: It’s in Chinese, but you can Google translate if need be.

I clicked on the link for Taoyuan, where I live, and got a webpage ( but none of the menu links worked…what a surprise :unamused:

There are a few public parades in Taipei, but mostly after the holidays. And of course, the Lantern Festival. Great for pictures.

In my experience, Lunar New Year in Taipei involves sitting home alone in the cold for seven days, eating food from convenience stores (because nowhere else is open) while it rains heavily outside.

This year, I will be leaving Taiwan over CNY, and I am really looking forward to it!

Cool, thanks guys, you destroyed my expectations! :astonished:
I think we are going to flee from the island, then… :sunglasses:

As every year, Sanxia (New Taipei City) has it’s fat pig festival (probably going to be abolished in a few years time) on the 6th day of the lunar new year, from day 1 or day 2 it has the all day night market, going until after the fat pig festival … definitely a crowd magnet.
Otherwise, as far as I know there will be some caligraphy events (writing of the red banners you hang up on the outside door), hong bao give aways … and shopping till you drop at all the department stores and shopping malls … people have to spend their money (red envelopes) somewhere, don’t they.

Pingxi-zhifen sky lanterns …

But it’s mostly ‘Tote Hose’ everywhere else …

February 10th from 10:00am to 11:00 am there is a Lion dance and other CNY festivities at the National Palace Museum. Last year it was held on the B1 level. It was not wonderfully professional, but we enjoyed it a lot. Most of these events are held on Saturday evening, but sometimes they are moved to another day for holidays. Here is the link … index.html