Chinese New Year Plans South Taiwan

By the way, many of the links in “[STICKY]” threads lead to blank pages that don’t appear to work at all, even in different browsers. What’s up with this? My end or forum end? It’s disappointing because I don’t really like using “” or some westerner service to make reservations. I hear they take a hefty cut. Anyway…

I’m planning to visit Kenting or Taitung or someplace new because, of course, there’s time off, all local friends are busy with family, and there’s still no amazing girlfriend to be tied down with. I know it’ll be busier than usual but still, this is a lot of time off to try to see other places.

A. Does anyone want to meet up and go with me anyplace?

B. What’s the best place to go? I could try surfing, maybe a class or something.

C. I do have a time limit. I’ll go and visit some friends from Pingtung on 2/4 and 2/5 but the CNY days before that (and some time to travel) I’m very free. So I want to go south to be around that area anyway.

I like hiking and watersports and all outdoorsy stuff. I was thinking of maybe a trip like this: Explore Chiaming Lake | AllTrails

If it doesn’t go well, maybe next year I’ll just stay in Taipei when there’s time off and relax.

Will do a bit of home cleaning when I find time, the STICKIES are too old.

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I doubt you’ll be able to go anywhere.

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oh, you mean a new lockdown?
hmm, I should look at the news more then

Find a place you like on or agoda and then find contact details for the place on Google, call them directly and book. Despite stories of these third party services taking a “hefty cut” I’ve rarely gotten a significantly cheaper price when booking direct, some even quote higher prices and refuse to budge!


Hope for good weather in the north. With a good bike you can still explore some fantastic locations.


I’m seriously thinking of quickly going to an outlying island like Lanyu or Penghu knowing that even if there is level 3 - people on the islands don’t care much.
Just need to find a girlfriend going with me willing to camp out there for 3-4 weeks till the panic settles in Taiwan (I guess next week panic will get into full swing, to collapse 3 weeks later because people notice it’s pointless).

They cared very much the last time there was a panic, you may find yourself and the other outsiders locked up or deported back!

That’s why I said I will go for 3-4 weeks. Move my ARC and they can lick my … trying to kick me out. Have some friends in Lanyu and know how life there was at level 3 vs how it was on the main island…
It was about as followed as people there wearing helmets on a scooter to give you an indication.

Hotels and public transportation are very full.

Good luck finding something in a good location and a good price.

Since already in Pingtung area, look try Liuqui Island, Nanwan Beach, Jialeshui, Taitung, Dulan. If can find rooms and transport. The most rooms are in Kenting central city area where something reasonable might still be available when everything else seems full or overpriced.

Water activities, might need or want wetsuits.

Some short few hour hikes in/around most of these places.

Roads and traffic will be heavy on certain days and certain times so try to plan movement outside of heavy travel periods.

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