Chinese New Year season how does it feel?


Thank goodness for real sunshine. I am no longer in Taipei woohoo. Thank you CNY


yeah , but Manila quote was 17,000 ntd yesterday :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Yup, normally around 7k to MNL with China but CNY 17k until 11th , then 7 k again


Sounds reasonable. Flights are packed. My flight today with AirAsia was full, delayed too.

I bought mine for around 9k without extra luggage and that was back on November I think.


I get nauseous just thinking how bad Asian airports are going to be through this weekend. Fully booked flights, lots of screaming infants, lots of luggage, packed airports, long lines at immigration, passengers jostling to wrassle a ridiculous number of bags off the luggage carousel, holy moly. :crazy_face:

The trains up to Taipei and down to Hualien are going to be bad enough. No thanks, airport.


I’m flying back to Taiwan tomorrow. Tickets were ridiculous but I needed to come back to get visa processed.


Hehe we are getting more like these old gits …:joy:


As every year: Let us share this classic post.
Forever and ever,


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I was invited to my first CNY by a local friend and damned if wasn’t exactly as Duke described. Every year since then I’ve been sure to get out of Dodge. Glad I’m single.


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I want to see how many likes a post from Jan 2010 can get.


The part about watching TV rings true. But my experience has been nobody is actually watching it. Too many conversations going on, one on top of another until it’s just a room full of noise, noise, noise!
I think I am the only one in the room actually trying to watch it.
Eating the same reheated food all week makes my stomach turn. No thanks. Hard to escape when you marry into it though. Run…run!


Ahhh, I remember my first “Family” Lunar New Year dinner. Everyone gathered round, Hotpot warming up, me answering a multitude of questions about Europe. Compliments on how wonderful my nose was and how my earlobes meant I was destined to be rich .
TV on the news channel, but ignored by all. Pretty awful food, which they all insisted was a delicacy and I MUST , at least try.
The feeling of accomplishment, joining in and placing food in the Hotpot .
The feeling of shame, when they saw that I had put the potato in first, which disintegrated into a thousand pieces, before the dish was ready :disappointed_relieved:
Halcyon days , indeed. Trying to casually glance at my watch, duty done , please Mazu , help me .:grin:


Of the dishes that stay around for days, the plastic wrap pulled away each evening meal, the biggest letdown for me was the yellow wine chicken 黄酒鸡 (wife is Hakka). Wife (then my gf) really bragged her mom’s version up. So delicious, she said, just wait.

I should have known better since if booze isn’t beer she calls it wine (she rarely drinks). Whiskey? It’s wine. Wine? It’s wine. Brandy? Wine. Scotch? Wine. The only other alcoholic drink she names is beer (it’s also the only one she drinks, and then just a few sips).

Anyway, the “wine” her mother (who also doesn’t drink) uses is a cheap rice wine and her yellow wine chicken tastes like it was smacked hard by the bitter tree. All bitter, no savory. The chicken only loses the rubbery texture after it’s been reheated 3 or 4 times. It’s a HUGE dish and the flavor never improves with age. Everybody takes a big breath before the plastic wrap is pulled away. The real reason the dish is so special is that it’s one her mother and her grandmother cooked for her as a child, the one she grew up with. It’s the tradition that’s special, not the flavor.

So yeah, yellow wine chicken starting Tuesday. Help.

On the other hand, my wife’s people are really fine folks. They live in an old (and much added onto) Japanese farmhouse with a large courtyard. If the sun shines the countryside just pops it’s so gorgeous. The kids are a hoot, and kids in the American south (where I am always and without fail called Mr. bojack by teenagers who are complete strangers) have nothing on their politeness. I can live with the food.


As always, boring, cold, wet … ****


And as a foreigner you should get HEINEKEN!


Mine is pretty cool. My mom cooks Korean food and the other family members cook or bring some Taiwanese/Chinese dishes. Now we added Italian as well lol


Followed someone who said the mall isn’t crowded and accidently picked the wrong movie at IMAX. Parking was free.

“How To Train Your Dragon” didn’t keep me from sleeping.