Chinese New Year season how does it feel?


I could have written this myself: 100%.

Same, same, but same.


There is a weather forecast for 30 degrees next week…


MRT is gloriously empty. I can finally get a seat! On a weekend!


I know people are superstitious about turning on the stove but for Pete’s sake, what do they have against putting stuff in the fridge?! The number of people buying those little table umbrellas to cover the food at the table is alarming.


Sometimes you don’t want stuff in the fridge because it’s dirtier than outside the fridge…trust me. My in-law’s frisge is ancient, stinks to high heaven and gas unidentifiable stuff in there growing fuzzy.


It’s usually pretty uneventful. We don’t even have dinner at home anymore because everyone’s too lazy or too old to cook. It’s quite common to have reservations at restaurants for CNYE these days.



Wait, is that a thing? I don’t think I knew about that. It would help explain why CNY is the only meal I ever dislike at the in-laws: usually the food is great, but man, the hours-old dishes of CNY are not good. I’ll often come home hungry.


But wouldn’t they clean it for New Year?


one benefit for Taiwanese ladies to marry non local, no need spend time at husbands parents home as told to me before


well i’m not looking forward to the food i’ll be honest. my gf had to put up with the same turkey for a week at christmas though, not even reheated, just cold and dry. which i like but not good at all for taiwanese.


The Christmas period is a bit shit once you pass the age of 12. CNY is similar. It’s a chore that needs to get done. I really envy my single friends this time of year, though.


Forumosa posting seems to have been reduced to just the single people :blush:Just chilling and enjoying the sun … it’s almost visible through the smog in Taichung :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Single, or bored, or trying to avoid another situation.


Went back to my home country to visit family and friends, needed a break after such a busy year-end period in terms of work.


I spend too much of my life in an online/podcast/international world. In late December, it seems odd that my online world goes on vacation, yet it’s the busiest time of the school year for me; and now it feels weird the online world is as busy as ever, yet this country is on vacation.

Also mildly surprised at how many international tourists there seemed to be in Danshui yesterday. Not 100% sure they were international - I’m no expert at distinguishing Japanese from Korean from Taiwanese - but, well, the tourists are generally a lot better dressed, and they’re looking at what’s around them, rather than at their phones.


I live next to a hotel and it has been a constant stream of luggage carrying masses.

Lots of Western tourists of different origins. Young Korean students, Japanese women, HK families.



Say hello.


Oh it was 29 degrees today here in Xindian BTW. Cherry blossoms at the park.