Chinese New Year season how does it feel?


Jiufen old Street entrance.


Whew! No thank you. I’ll have my nearly
deserted Taipei.


Quick fix!


Happy new year everyone, (including you Gein)

CNY is a really nice holiday, is actually only free time - real holiday for many Taiwanese. So people have good festival mood and they do enjoy chatting.

I have good memories from Taiwan. Once i was in hills in the middle of Taiwan, in aboriginal village for 3 weeks, drinking with locals and rotating wild pork on BBQ. We got along well with drinking games and i attend their church too. One of better memories i have from Taiwan.

On one cny i ended up in hospital together with Taichung guys after having misunderstanding with them. Not best memories, but hey nurse girls were so cute.

There were two families cny. One before marriage, tight as fuck, and another one after marriage, drinking good whiskeys with uncles and a lot of funny moments.

This year nanny invited me to her family. Tasty food and we have bigger one this Saturday, i believe.


FIL took it upon himself to wash my car this morning. Must have used a gritty rag as it’s now scratched. Of course I can’t say anything due to Confucian respect for stupid old gits.

Feeling: frustrated.


Aaanny cute japanese young ladies? wink wink (im married but i can look secretly)


its 29 where i am too (29 F that is )


New tradition in China, leave money in the corner so your kids can go buy a new Ferrari. Then the kids will not bother you throughout the year.


If you like it. Many don’t. It’s true, free time, gambling, eating, staring at the family’s faces, sipping tea, drinking Heineken. Eating food almost gone bad on day three. Driving 500 km return to see family and friends. What’s not to love 'bout it. Oh, most years the weather.


For three days the in-laws have sat around watching TV doing SFA. Today they decide they want to visit four places mainly for ‘famous’ food. Obviously, everywhere is heaving with people and cars. I’m driving.


CNY crowd in FuZhong waiting for the 965 up into the mountains looking for (fool’s) gold.


It’s a beautiful day to just take a walk and enjoy the sunshine.


I can see people eat it on the first day or two talking about how great the food is but you can see in the back of their mind they’re just waiting to get out and go eat at restaurants. Then they really eat and look happy.


Definitely one of those days it’s really nice to live in Danshui. We went for a lovely walk along the waterfront after breakfast. And then home again, by 11am - because by then, the waterfront was getting ugly and crowded.

So glad that we moved to the same city as my wife’s parents. Now we just have to visit them for that single afternoon/evening - do I ever NOT miss the times when we had to stay with them for a couple of days.


One of those rare CNY sunny days!


Gotta love steamy hot pot places with 120% humidity mixed with all kinds of smells soaking into hair, nose, clothes.

Wish they would just cook it for us in the back and bring out. At least cut up the cabbage head.

But lots of happy shiny faces.


I already cleared a meatloaf and a whole chicken by myself. Working on some lamb chops today and tomorrow.

Season 13 of Supernatural halfway plus whole season 1 of FOB.

Aside from that, nothing has been accomplished.


Excellent , Proud of you . As it should be :grin:


This what is what I’m taking to the Chinese New Year home parties next year. I’ll be a big hit with the kids at least.


This year I only gave out 2 red envelopes. I feel sad.

For next year I plan to get a karaoke machine. It was weird having just the birdies and the swoosh of the MRT pulling in and out of the station as background noise.