Chinese New Year season how does it feel?


Chinese New Year holiday fireworks alarm clock went off a little late this morning at 10:20am.


Do you see or hear people playing Mahjong?

I never see or hear it in Taiwan. I heard it a lot living in Singapore walking down streets or apartment complex hallways all year, not only CNY.


My family used to play it often, but ever since my grandma got older and lost interest no one ever really bothers anymore. I think we mostly played just to entertain her.


My neighbors play. I sometimes hear it.


Not this year. Even karaoke was muted. I guess everyone preferred going out in the nice weather.


Also in funerals. My dad passed away and they had like a wall of name of people + amount they gave.


I like the Scooby Doo episode lol.

Spent my whole summer last year watching from S6 to S13 lol.


Why the firecrackers again today? Not too loud from my floor, but just curious more than anything.


Surplus munitions? Not the sort of thing you really want hanging around stockpiled in your business premises… :slight_smile:


It’s an auspicious day in the lunar calendar so some companies would have waited till today.


Only one I couldn´t … well, see with the rest.

Someone put it in bits and pieces in YouTube, God bless their souls.


It is one of the God’s birthdays. They were going off all night last night and the night before.


Ther eis one date when they perform the ceremonies at midnight.


The fuckers still set off fire crackers at 5:30AM today. The dogs go haywire!


Who the f*** cares, it’s a day as any other day, sun rises and sun sets, done!


Praying to local Xinyi district gods today. Smoke from firecrackers so thick people cannot breathe and running into the shops.