Chinese new year stock ideas

Well as the Chinese new year decends upon us once again, its time to place a little cash into the Taiwan stock market and cash in on the new year festivities. During 15 years here I’ve seen a pattern where the market rises 2 or 3 days before the new year and the first day back before getting back to its traditional trading patterns. So, barring some unforeseen, troubling events, I would like to buy some stock for a short time play(one week?) and cash out on the last day before the market closes down.

In the past I’ve always played with the traditionals like TSMC, EMC, but wondering if anybody has some other ideas about which stocks to play for this short term trading opportunity that would have a little more zest to them. I am not risk averse as I used to play stocks such as Tay Feng Tire, Pao Ku Construction, Imperial Hotel…during their heydays.

I regard the rise in the dollar and the fall in the Nasadq as troubling. And they are there for all to see. Risk on the downside, here. may not get a rally of any sort. These things always happen every year, except this year.

Sit on your hands and wait for the following newspaper headlines:

“China’s Financial Crisis Ignites Asian Panic”
“RMB DE-valuation Inevitable”
“I Sold my Kidneys to Pay my Broker.”