Chinese New Year


I’m curious what all of you do during Chinese New Year. Being most everything is closed and we don’t have to work what is there to do in Taiwan during this holiday? I’ve done everything from travel around the island to travel aboad to just staying at home. It’s such a relaxing time for me. Anybody do anything different?



1.) Ask your Taiwanese friends whether you can crash in their homes during that week. Move from one house to another and celebrate Chinese New Year with different Chinese families that you know. I’m sure they’d be happy to have a guest who’s a “foreigner.”

2.) Walk around Taipei City (during the CNY week). It’s a surreal (or ghostly?) experience.


Most of my friends have planned to go abroad, many going to Thailand or Bali, even the Phillipines. But it is too late to book for tixs. now.

Go hiking or travel around the island is a good option as well. Hualien or Kenting.

Try H20’s Idea as well.


Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep!!!

And some Chinese study.



I will leave the country for a while, renew my visa and attend my friends wedding in Malaysia - also relax (read: sleep) a lot. I think I am getting old …