Chinese noun book?


I’m looking for a book that basically is like a pictorial encyclopedia (in depth) with a lot of Chinese labels and words. Preferably with Pinyin or Zhuyin Fuhao.

Any suggestions?

There are lots in the 敦南誠品 (Dunnan Chengpin). They vary in detail and price.

Longman’s has a Chinese-English visual dictionary of Chinese culture. Maybe it is only available in Mainland?

Is this what you’re after?

2000 pictures with Chinese underneath, divided into topics (night markets, computers, jobs etc - you can find the full list of chapters in the above link). On left page it has the mainland words with simplified chinese and pinyin. On right page is has the Taiwanese traditional characters with Zhuyin and pinyin. It’s one of the few textbooks that teaches mainland and taiwanese variations on Mandarin; for example on the fruit page with a picture of a guava is has 番石榴 on left page and 芭樂 on right.

Also comes with a CD-ROM game, but I’ve never tried it.