Chinese on the Internet

I am encountering a small problem, which i hope someone can shed some light on.
I am using English version of Win2K, with a locale setup for traditional chinese. I also have NJStar loaded as well, but if i go to a site using Macromedia Flash then i cannot read the chinese characters properly, everything else is fine.
Any ideas of how to resolve this ?

Is your version of Flash at least 6.0? Earlier versions have more problematic rendering of non-roman characters.

ok, i know this is going to sound stupid but never mind, i am not using flash, it is being used on the site i am visiting, hence i have no control

when you go to the site, it probably enabled a direct download so you didn’t install it manually or the version of ie you’re using might have had an old version of the plug-in installed on it already. you can just go to the macromedia site and manually install the latest version of flash.

OK, guys, downloaded version 6 from the macromedia site and done a reboot even though not prompted, but all to no avail.
The site i am currently having problems with is
Give it a try and see if you have the same problems

I had the same problem: The scrolling text was OK, but the Chinese links were all swearing until I ran my UnionWay Suite97 viewer. You can download the viewer here or here.

Thanks wsmith, that info did the trick. works a treat.