Chinese phonetics

which type of phonetics u guyz wanna learn…hanyu pin yin (sino phonetics) ot roman phonetics…i kinda curious about that!

You seem to be a little confused. Hanyu pinyin is one of the systems of romanisation of the Chinese language. Incidentally, if you choose “Roman spelling” (Luoma pinyin) for your keyboard with Microsoft’s Chinese phonetic input method, that is in fact Hanyu pinyin.

Best way to go is both; you can learn each from the other. Hanyu Pinyin is the easiest to find and use overseas, but many teaching resources here use bopomofo (sorry, my keyboard doesn’t have 'em)

Learn the bopomofo well, and if you find a text that uses them together (as mine does) you’ll find your eyes automatically drawn to the roman characters since they’ve been doing so since you were 3 or 4 and it’s an automatic response. That way, you’ll be able to read storybooks and the like to help your character recognition later on…

Or so I think. Actually, Ironlady, Alien or one of the others who has studied this would be really good people to answer this query.

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Important Vocabs:


For learning Chinese in Taiwan, “bo-po-mo-fo” is great because you can read kids books, comic books etc which are often much more fun (and instructive) than the rather dry dialogues in text books. It does not take long to pick it up but you do need to practice using it. Learn the Yale or Pinyin system as well. They are not especially difficult to learn once you have started to get familiar with Chinese. Good luck.