Chinese police history?

My wife and I do a regular column for Classical Fighting Arts magazine. In each issue we feature a couple of historical Chinese martial arts training manuals. In this issue we are going to discuss two police martial arts training manuals from the Republican period. Which are:
Shanghai City Police Training Center(上海市警察局訓練所)Rope Techniques for Arrest(捕繩術)which came out sometime in the 1920s and
Liu Jin Sheng(劉金聲)and Zhao Jiang(趙江)

Those Shanghai cops must have been scray mofos – it was one of those guys that invented the fighting knife the British commandos used, wasn’t it? And the people that trained the commandos in silent killing, etc., were ex-Shanghai cops.

100% correct Sandman; you are talking about Eric Anthony Sykes and William Ewart Fairbairn; creators of the renowned Sykes-Fairbairn dagger. Fairbairn was also responsible for the creation of an art known (hokey as it sounds) as Defendu (yes, defend-you). Although the name is hokey the art is straightforward serious shit.