Chinese Shorthand

:ponder: Chinese Shorthand:
I have developed a shorthand method for writing Chinese, which is easy to use, and may be fast enough to take dictation at a normal speaking rate. It can be used incredibly fast for hand scripting. It can also be adapted for digital keyboard inputting at a very rapid rate.
Since I have not gained any IP protection, I am willing to discuss my project only in broad terms. The theory is explained in my sujisol.blogger google site.
Receiving your comments I can determine whether there is interest enough in my pursuing it further. But I will not divulge details until the time is right. In effect, I’m looking to survey for a broad base of interest before I make any steps!

There have been shorthand schemes for Chinese, including stenotype, for a long, long time…wondering what makes your system different, and why you would pitch it to foreigners, who generally have little need to take verbatim real-time notes in Chinese.

Actually it can be used by anyone. It is a simple idea that anyone can learn and employ quickly. Characters can be scripted by one or two strokes, with the phonetic aspect imbedded, making it easy for a foreigner learning Chinese to read straight away.
My Chinese is not too good. I’ve tried to present it to the Chinese community, but can’t seem to get through. I am hoping that if I approach Expat forums my ideas will touch open minded people. At least I will have made Shorthand Solutions and Chinese Coded Shorthand, a presence on significant internet sites.

Well, Ironlady is certainly qualified to comment on all these sorts of issues. For my own two cents, I would ask “Have you organized a TEST GROUP of knowledgeable expats to try this Chinese Shorthand system out first?” To give it a test run, so to speak???

If you did so, the RECOMMENDATIONS of the members of that test group might be the way to really get the ball rolling.

As for copyright protection, I am not sure if that is really a serious consideration at this stage. I know that numerous people have invented various clever (and very well thought-out) methods for doing Chinese input on a computer. I believe that initially they didn’t worry much about copyright protection, but later when those input systems became popular the inventors sold their rights to the big computer companies for big bucks.

Copyright is a good idea.
Chinese long itme ago invent many things, but not invent copyright.
Imagine Chinese people copyright paper.
Every time people make a book, Chinese get money!
Imagine Chinese people copyright gunpowder.
Every time people (American) drop a bomb Chinese get money!
Imagine Chinese people copyright paper money.
Then Chinese people can make all the money, not have big pile of $3 trillion US money.

…… I appreciate your advice Hartzell, especially concerning conferencing with knowledgeable China Hands. It would give fresh perspective, and verification for Chinese Coded Shorthand.
……Of course I am concerned about IP. Somewhat for taking credit and somewhat for monetization, but I am not in any hurry, nor am I any too concerned about striking it rich!
……The aspect of shorthand is that it is a fluid medium, which can be pirated, and I’m afraid, become a mess of babble. Control and standardization are my greatest concerns. In a perfect scenario, I would find responsible parties interested in promoting an innovation for a public good, which my idea can provide.
…… My reservations are the following:
-I am not experienced in making formal presentations. However; I feel that I can get the gist of it over to people, and map out some of my expectations.
-I would only limit such a conference to a bare sample of my method, stressing the ends not the means.
-Therefore I would be reluctant to have people feel that I am wasting their time.
-I live in Tainan. Although I like to come up to Taipei, any conference would have to suit participants schedules.
-I tried to contact the China-forums mainland China web site. After not divulging information I think they hacked my computer, and crashed it. I hope to avoid that happening again.
-Other than expense items I will not put any money or assets into the project. It would have to be capitalized by interested parties.

Throw a video up on YouTube.

:unamused: What a good idea! Will pursue this approach prudently.

[quote]Every time people (American) drop a bomb Chinese get money![/quote] :bow: