Chinese software on English Windows & vice versa

Does most Chinese software install ok on English XP? Vice versa?
What about with Win2000? 98?


I don’t see a reason why applications developed for Win XP would depend on a certain localized XP to work correctly. Even older (not unicode-compatible) software should work if you change the “language for non-unicode programs” accordingly. I’ve got some Chinese software designed for Win 98 running on a PC with German Win XP with no problems at all. However, I can’t run non-unicode Chinese and German applications at the same time: depending on the language settings for non-unicode programs, either the German umlaute or the Chinese characters won’t be displayed correctly. Please note that this is an issue only concerning non-unicode compatible software.


I also haven’t had much of a problem. Only problem seems to be when I set the the unicode to Chinese from English, and some software doesn’t like it, which is leading me to create thread specifically on that topic.