Chinese sports officials `made' Yao Ming

[quote]In early 2006, former Newsweek editor and author Brook Larmer came out with a controversial book by the name of Operation Yao Ming, in which he claimed that as a child Yao was forced against his will to play basketball by and for the Chinese government.

In addition, Larmer alleges that Yao’s father, 6-foot-9 Yao Zhiyuan, and mother, 6-foot-2 Fang Fengdi, both national team basketball players, were, on retirement, “encouraged” to wed, with the aim of producing an athletic if not also extremely tall future son. [/quote] … 0081562040

So is Yao Ming the first of a series of super-athletes that China has bore and bred with the sole purpose of winning gold medals and possibly as an invasion force against Taiwan and other “enemies of the state”? :astonished:

Because as we know, there aren’t hundreds of parents in the States forcing their children to become some sort of uber tennis or golf prodigy because they were never able to become sport stars themselves.

Hmmm…and lets not forget all those blue-eyed blonde haired kids born in Germany/Austria during the mid-1940’s and beyond.

Genetic engineering by match-making hs probably been practiced, eith overtly or subconsciously, since man & woman began doing the horizaontal cha-cha.
Although mentioning it can sometimes get you fired from your job…just ask Jimmy the Greek.(who I think is now dead)

I don’t think it would be easy to prove that Yao Ming was not genetically engineered. Undoubtably he was given growth hormones through his childhood to ensure that he would grow to a huge height. He was 5’ 7" by age eight. That doesn’t sound like natural growth… but who knows for sure? The scientists in charge of his growth?

If that’s the case than everyone in the NBA must have been fed growth hormones at an early age.

Soon volleyball players will be discovered to be failures in the super ninja program, relegated to playing a harmless sport for the State.

This post is stupid. It does not deserve a response.

^Aren’t you surprised none of the hardcore TI forum members have jumped on this revelation?