Chinese Style Censorship by.....Saudi Arabia?

Whoops! Looks like Saudi Arabia has gotten some…inspiration on how to censor in the West.

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Saudi Arabia is already an authoritarian country. The king has absolute authority there.

Yet America supports them and treats them as allies even though their people have funded just about every terrorist acts in the USA, or against Americans, and Saudi Arabia executes anyone they find offensive.

But the media picks on China because they hate China even though China is probably more free compared to Saudi Arabia.

Yeah, sure, China is the victim here; it’s not like Xi has absolute authority or like they execute people they don’t like. Nice job somehow making this topic about unfair western treatment of China. I don’t know if we could say either country is ‘more free’, and I honestly don’t think that would be in any way useful. Both suck.

I agree with you that it’s ridiculous how well the Saudis have been treated by the US, I suspect there’s some complex geopolitics and probably dark money involved. To the topic at hand, I am glad people are still paying attention to the Khashoggi killing. It’s really messed up that that happened and Saudi Arabia got away with it. Honestly, as with the Sacha Baron Cohen or Hasan Minaj stuff about SA, or North Korea complaining about ‘The Dictator’, making a big deal about it just brings more attention to it. Shame that Hollywood is sucking on the warm teat of the Saudis, but has Hollywood ever really had good morals?

I mean at least women in China can go out on her own, drive a car, start a business, etc.

All of which are illegal for women to do in Saudi Arabia.