Chinese style tea houses in Taipei

Can anyone recommend their favorite Chinese style tea house in Taipei (in the city itself, not Maokong or other outyling areas)? Places where the emphasis is on tea, not food. Given the few that I’ve been to, my favorite is the Wisteria near the corner of Shing Sheng S. Road and Heping E. Road.

How about Hui Liu near YongKang Jie and just off YongKang Park. They also have tasty (though a bit pricy) vegitarian fare, but I know that they are also famous for their teas.

Don’t know how traditionally Chinese it is–perhaps more of a nouveau fusion feel to it.

Also, there is a more traditional tea house on the fourth floor of the Museum of National History, off Nanhai Lu.

What do you mean Chinese style? Like… with the hot water, pour your own tea, put in the leaves yourself style? (If so, there’s an awesome one in Banqiao… if only I remembered where…)
Or do you mean more like 春水堂, which is more traditional Chinese atmosphere, but cold tea (milk tea, bubble tea, etc)?

By chinese style, I mean the type of place where you get hot water and can pour it yourself.

Well, in that case, what’s wrong with your own home? It’s not like Japanese style tea with its elaborate rituals. Chinese style tea is about the tea and the company you share the tea with. You just need to find good tea leaves and that’s not that easy to do.

There are still a few in the Tai Da/Gong Guan area. One, with a few bamboo trees in front, isn’t far from the Tu Cafe. Best to wander around and check out some spots. Once inside, you’ll know immediately if it’s a cheap drink hang out joint or a legitimate tea house.