Chinese Subtitles

Does anyone know where I can find a website where i can download Chinese subtitles for movies. I have a good amount of movies from america and rather than renting them again at the video store i thought it might be easier just to download the chinese subtitles. I’ve seen some websites for downloading subtitles but they don’t have many chinese subtitles and I’m not sure whether they are simplified or traditional characters. I think that there is probably a site that is in Chinese that has better subtitles but it is hard for me to find that. Specifically i’m looking for the office (BBC) subtitles. I know that I can rent this at blockbuster but I heard the chinese subtitles there aren’t very good. Thanks for the help.

They don’t have subtitles for the Office at, but there are Big 5 subtitles for about 100 different movies there. You might be able to find something you like; however, the problem you will still have is that the subtitle file is invariably for a different format than the format of the video that you have. That means the words will be out of sync.

You can find all available BIG5 or Simplified Chinese subs from:

[quote=“Prototype”]You can find all available BIG5 or Simplified Chinese subs from:[/quote]

I’m currently using to get most of my subtitles. The problem I run into is that the characters come out in random characters(not chinese)

I’ve got some chinese fonts and told MPC and VLC to use them but still can’t get the fonts to show up. Same thing happens in XBMC on my xbox.

Anyone have a quick rundown on how to get subs working ?

I am using DirectVobSub, so far no problem, since under “Main” and “Text settings” you can select the character set being used. Both simplified and normal chinese are supported.

Wow. Useful thread. Thank you very much.