Chinese Summer School

I’m sure there must be some, but I haven’t heard of any. I’m just sharing a random thought that’d popped in me head the other day.

Do you think it’d be possible to setup some kind of summer camp for students in [INSERT YOUR HOME COUNTRY] where they’d spend some time studying the language and culture in their home country, then come here for a few weeks to study/travel, AND make it profitable?

I haven’t run any numbers through my head, but it seems like this would/could be a cool thing to run every summer. My brother did something like this, but the people organizing it were very unorganized. They wanted people to go for free from donations, but never got any (or not as much as they planned). I think he had one class of Chinese a week for X weeks. Even though he wasn’t suppose to go he ended up getting a free trip to China (because someone backed out of their ticket at the last minute).

I would have certainly loved an opportunity to learn Chinese in my high school years, and would have certainly jumped at any chance to go to “China” (Taiwan :wink: ).

If you already know about a program like the above mentioned, I’d like to know about it.