Chinese surveillance cameras can recognise people from how they walk

That’s some scary high tech algorithm.

what a nightmare this reign of xi is turning out to be. chinese people can’t say anything either. i’ve seen some interviews with people on the street and they all say this hardcore orwellian stuff is good.

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Commit the crime and then escape by moving like a chimpanzee.


Then they’ll put you in a zoo.


“someone in Shanghai ordered too many takeouts, system marked it as anomaly because it could indicate there’re other unregistered occupants in his flat, so police came in and search flat.”

messed up.

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Just watch. China will soon have a Ministry of Silly Walks.


Realistically, TPTB would put you under surveillance for the same ‘crime’, if you’re on uk unemployment benefits.

They will probably make a law that allows the arrest of people with suspicious walking style

They already have a law about suspicious beards

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how would they know what you have ordered? they know in china because you need to use wechat pay to buy everything. and they wouldn’t send police to your house either. beiing on benefits sucks in england but its a another topic, not the same thing.

Horrible place…

Clearly a subversive

Ah, and what makes you thing the US and other countries are not doing the same thing. If the Chinese can do it, you can be sure the US can - they just are not publicizing it. What do think all those 1000’s of NSA agents do all day - play chess???:sunglasses:

A popular prank in the US would be ordering tons of pizza deliveries to someone else. Do that in China, not only would the guy get angry over the pizzas he didn’t order, he would also get a visit by the police XD

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Not quite the same, but not a whole lot different. The authorities will often keep tabs on (say) people who are cohabiting but declare that they’re living alone. If they happened to see lots of food deliveries it would probably be used in evidence against you.

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i think england is only getting worse and worse but its not in the same statosphere as china simple as that.