Chinese Taipei baseball shirts

It gets my goat that they aren’t called Taiwan, but anyway, I’d like to know where can I find Chinese Taipei baseball shirts.

you might find them at the baseball stadium in tian mu. i see them out here in at the batting cages - there’s ausually a store attached that sells unis, gloves, etc.

i believe that there was a thread that had something on this a few days ago?

You should check out the Taroko batting cages. In Taizhong, there’s one right off of Zhonggang Lu and Henan Lu, near Tiger City. I’ve spent many an NT there in the batting cages reliving my childhood humiliations. Anyhow, they have tons of baseball merchandise, both American and Taiwanese. Their Chinese website lists other locations in Taibei, etc.

But besides that, I figure any good department store should have some CT baseball shirts.

Do you mean the Taipei Elephants/Brother Elephants - check out the Brother Hotel gift shop, it has lots of items…Nanking/Fuxing

Try Jans Sports near the stadium at Yuanshan MRT or