Chinese Taipei national football team a joy to watch

Thanks to the brilliant organizing and promotional skills of the Chinese Taipei Football association, very few people are aware that the Preliminary Competition of the East Asian Football Championship 2005 is taking place in Taipei these two weeks. :smiling_imp:
Full details with game schedule under which is a great site, almost 100|% free of any English language :loco:
Went to see Chinese Taipei trashing Guam 9 to nil yesterday at the Chungsan Football stadium. Remaining games for Chinese Taipei.
March 9th 2pm, against North Korea
March 11th 2pm, against Hong Kong
March 13th 2pm, against Mongolia
Team no managed by a Brazilian and they look much stronger than when I saw them the last time against Iraq. :bravo:
Entrance to the games is free of charge.

Same venue?
I went to the site, but it’s blank.

Taiwan 0- 2 North Korea

The Taiwan team have changed radically. The coach has them trying to pin their opponents back by attacking at every opportunity. Unfortunately, their opponents yesterday were just too good. Taiwan didn’t have enough possession.

But the team spirit shown by the Taiwanese was excellent and no heads dropped after two players were sent off! They kept tackling and chasing until the very end. Great penalty save, as well.

As usual, a good match report in the Taiwan News.


Is anyone going to watch Sunday’s game?