Chinese teacher needed in JungLi (ChungLi)

I’m looking for someone to teach me chinese in Jungli. There are no language schools here. Anyone know if there is one in Toayuan? Anyway, I’m looking for someone that can teach me in the evening or on weekends. 2 or 3 times a week. Email me if your interested. I do not want to do a language exchange. I want the focus to be on chinese not english. Sorry I already have a full schedule teaching english. Thanks.


There are classes in 中壢 Zhongli. Mandarin Daily 國語日報 (Guo2yu3 Ri4bao4) is located on “Yan ping” Road. The phone number is:

(03) 425-3911

Tell them 余其濬 (Yu2 Qi2 Jun4). A friend that has been a student there for a while. Also have another friend that just recently started there that loves it. Both went the private tutor choice. Think it is about $400 NT/hr for private instruction.