Chinese text input

this has prolly been covered b4 in some form but anyway…my pc at home which is cobbled together with junk parts does not have chinese text input ability and doesnt have office either so i can’t download the IME from microsoft…so my pregnant roommate can msn in chinese does anyone know a simple download that would allow one to type in chinese…(pc can read chinese ok)

If you have XP, you just need to install the Chinese language support from the windows CD, it definately has been described how in this forum in the past.

no thats my problem…i dont have XP, i dont have any office suite…only wordpad…so the standard downloads wont work…

if you’re looking for hanyu pinyin input, then you could download njstar. it’s free…at least it used to be…try

what kind of os do you have then ?

No, it’s not free, but it IS excellent. More Chinese input methods than any five other IMEs combined. I swear by it (when I’m forced to use Windows, that is).

It’s shareware, so you can download an evaluation copy that’ll work for about a month. Since I was always having to reinstall Windows at least that often, that was never a problem for me. But I was so impressed with the thing that I went ahead and registered it anyway. It’s called NJStar Communicator, the current version is 2.30, and you can get it at The NJStar IME is part of the Communicator package.

Course, if all your roommate wants to do is chat and send e-mail, why not get a real OS? You can pick up a copy of Mandrake Linux with Chinese Language Extensions locally for $NT200.


thanx for that mesheel…the njstar works fine…and if my roommate doesnt go back to work after her “zuo yue zi” i guess she can buy a new pc so she can work at home…ours is win 98 OE but it’s on it’s last legs so i cant be bothered upgrading