Chinese textbooks on Sale on SOGOs 12th Floor

There is currently a 50% sale going on books at SOGOs 12th Floor in Kaohsiung. It only goes through the 31st.

There are several Chinese textbooks Chinese students might be interested in:

Situational Chinese: Shopping and Eating Out (each title only 160 NT after discount)
Situational Chinese: Medical Treatment
Situational Chinese: Phone Calls and Letters
Situational Chinese: Travel
Situational Chinese: Workplace and Business
Situational Chinese: Campus Life and Socializing

as well as the

台灣鄉土教材 series (Which are advanced level reading texts).

There are also children’s series such as 走進歷史看台灣, a bilingual copy of the Ultimate Phrasal Verb guide by Barron’s for those of you who know people studying English, and some children’s books in English as well as tons of other Chinese stuff.

I went last year and this year too and really enjoyed it.