Chinese TOP exam

Hello everyone! i’m studying chinese in this semester. And i planned to take TOP exam beginning of next semester.(march) I think, now my chinese course is little slow process. So that i want to prepare more for exam by myself. maybe u guys think i can’t study only 5 months for TOP, but for me, it’s never mind which i pass or fall the exam. so pls everyone give my advice how i need to study chinese. Example: 1 day around how many words do i need to memorize, and pls tell me good guide book name?

I took the superior grade about ~10 months ago, and scored a 57 (pass is 65). I’ve heard people complain that there’s not enough study materials, there’s no prep you can do, blah blah blah. My impression is that the test was fair and if your Chinese is good, you’ll pass. if it’s not, you’ll fail. Seems fair enough to me. Mine at the time wasn’t good enough so I failed, as I deserved to. The thing you need to watch out for is that time is of the essence, there’s no time to read through a passage again if you didn’t get it first time. So while a level’s content may seem simple when you sit down and go through it slowly, it’s not going to be so simple when you do it under exam conditions.

You can buy a sample exam booklet at Lucky Bookstore on Hepingdonglu opposite Shi-da. It’s only about 100NTD, I’m told its available on the TOP website. I wouldn’t bother memorizing long lists of words, maybe other people have a different viewpoint. Once again, if your level is good you’ll understand the structure of the sentences and can make educated guesses even if you don’t know the meaning of some characters. HSK (old HSK at least) would specifically test this, there was a huge number of words not in the list that if you skill was good enough you could deduce the meaning of anyway.

thank for yr advice!