Chinese version games on english version pc

just bought a new laptop (yay!) and have gone for an english version (as you would)…now my question is if i buy for example a game like diablo I (selling in 7 11 for 200NT) which is a chinese version; is the chinese going to be ruan ma?; can i fix this? if i can’t can i still play the game (bearing in mind i’ve played it before so dont need instructions, just to get it installed.

any advice?

Sometimes windows come up unreadable in a system such as ours. I play Ragnarok Online, and it’s Korean. I can’t see what the window means, but I just click OK and I’m fine. It’s more difficult to install the software, but there’s generally no limit to what language OS system.

Does anyone have better information on this type of cross-language system?

The game itself would probably contain its own Chinese/Korean/Whatever font, all of mine did, well, just a font containing the few hundred characters used by that game. Using windows to display characters during a game that needs 60fps would be too slow, and too inconvenient to cope with different font sizes and different set ups. The install system would use the windows system though. Installing the Chinese fonts, and setting them up for display in non-unicode programs should help.

But don’t quote me on that.

I can second BFM’s suggestion. I’ve had no trouble installing Chinese games under English WinXP, and I’ve got mine set up the way he said.

ok…i guess i’ll be popping into 7 11 on the way home. let you know how i get on…

i’m just a bit worried since i’m not internet wired at home yet, that when i try to install i’ll get lot’s of pop up windows asking me questions in chinese which my laptop will not be able to show…guess i’ll just try and say yes to everything and see what happens

There is a good chance that the dialogue boxes will pop up in gobbldegook, but that’d only be for the install, and generally just clicking where the “Next” button would be works :laughing: