Chinese Wiki page -- how to unlock?

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This page on the Chinese Wiki is locked. My friend (who is the subject of this page) has noted a number of errors in his personal information, biographical data, etc. on this page, and would like to correct them.

He can’t do so however, because the page is locked. Question: How to get this page unlocked? Is there any relevant email for help on such Chinese Wiki things??? Or how does someone make a complaint about such things???

He is unaware of why this page has been locked. He only became aware of this page a few days ago when he happened to come across it on the web …

He has posted a comment in the Talk page, but has received no response from anyone in the Chinese Wiki power hierarchy . . . . . .

Comments? Suggestions?

I believe you have to create an account and log in before you can edit a locked page.

Yes, my friend has created an account on Chinese Wiki and logged in.

However, the page is still locked.